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VMworld PowerCLI Group Discussion

Whilst at VMworld in Barcelona last month, my old friend Alan Renouf asked me to help him out with one of his PowerCLI and Automation sessions. For those who don't know him, Alan is the Automation Frameworks Product Manager at VMware, a total PowerCLI guru and a co-author of the definitive PowerCLI book 'VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration'.

The session was a lively group discussion and the audience comprised of a great mix of people ranging from PowerCLI beginners right through to experts. It was my job as Alan's 'beautiful assistant' [don't know about that!] to capture the useful information flying around the room on a flip chart. With impressive use of his deciphering skills, Alan has written up the result on his personal blog in a series of four excellent posts. There is some good stuff in there for PowerCLI scripters at all stages in the learning process. You can find these posts via the links below – thanks Al!

VMworld PowerCLI Group Discussion–Part 1–Getting Started

VMworld PowerCLI Group Discussion–Part 2–Resources

VMworld PowerCLI Group Discussion–Part 3–Launching and Using

VMworld PowerCLI Group Discussion–Part 4–Advanced tools and scripting

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