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Citrix Access Management Console – “Errors occurred when using [server] in the discovery process.”

I’m sure that, like me, you’ve seen this error message from time to time when attempting to configure and run discovery in the Citrix Access Management Console (AMC): "Errors occurred when using [server] in the discovery process."

Error message with detailsThis doesn’t occur if you add the local computer (as opposed to a remote one) as the server for discovery.

Double-clicking on the error message gives further details, as shown above. The things to check are as follows:

  1. Check that the Citrix MFCOM Service is running on the remote server you have specified for discovery:
  2. Citrix MFCOM service running

  3. Check that the “COM+ Network Access” Role is installed on the remote server. If not, use Server Manager to add it, as shown below:
  4. Adding COM+ Network Access Role

  5. Make sure that the account you are running the AMC as is a member of the “Distributed COM Users” group on the remote server. This is an easy thing to overlook, especially if you are publishing out the AMC to non-admins via XenApp
  6. Adding user to Distributed COM Users group

  7. If it still fails, verify that the necessary traffic is not being blocked by any firewalls between the server running the AMC and the remote server

I have also seen the additional detail report "Enterprise Services are not enabled on this server ([server]). Ensure the server is configured as an application server, and COM+ network access is enabled.". This is slightly more helpful of course…!

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