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The Circle of Doom with vRA using an External vRO Server

I recently had reason to reconfigure a VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) 6.2.2 appliance that was using the default (i.e. inbuilt) vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) 6 instance to use an external one instead, and came across an interesting problem that I felt was worth blogging.

First, I reconfigured vRA to use the external Orchestrator server under Administration – Orchestrator Configuration – Server Configuration as shown below, and tested connectivity successfully:


The mysterious symptom I then observed was the busy cursor (commonly known as 'The Circle of Doom') spinning constantly and indefinitely when trying to add an advanced services endpoint in vRA. As you may be aware, changing to an external vRO server or vice-versa deletes any existing advanced services endpoints, so adding them again is a necessary step.

When adding the endpoint, selecting the plug-in was fine:


But on moving to the details tab, the dreaded circle appeared:


I also noticed that, when attempting to create a new Service Blueprint, there was no vRO workflow tree displayed in the vRA UI:


The problem transpired to be one of authorisation - the account I had specified for authentication under server configuration didn't actually have rights to log on to the vRO server. As I had tested connectivity and received a success message in the first step, I made the assumption that all was OK, but the test clearly can't be treated as an indication that everything is fine between the vRA and the vRO server.

After rectifying the underlying problem, I was then able to add advanced services endpoints, and the vRO workflow tree was populated correctly:


I hope this information is helpful to someone who may be troubleshooting a similar problem.

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